“We’re helping, Mom!”

Dad gets started

Dad getting started.

Is this usually here?

“Is this usually here?”

No, but I really want one

“No, it’s not usually here, but I really want one.”

Hey Marcello, What's this thing?

“Hey Marcello, what’s this thing?”

"It's a tractor, what a mean machine!"

“It’s a tractor you guys-what a mean machine!”

"Can I drive, Dad?"

“Hey Dad, can I drive?”

I  fondly remember Sundays, when I was growing up, as family days. Momma here, we were off to church in the morning, and in the early afternoon we shared a big sit down dinner. My mom’s English pot roast or her beef roast with dark brown gravy, mashed potatoes and a delicious egg salad were the best. Sunday was our take a deep breath and relax day. I remember…Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I grew up in suburbia, not on a ranch!

On Sunday at Cliff House Ranch it is time to catch up on all the work you didn’t have time for last week. Yesterday we decided we couldn’t procrastinate any longer, we had to get some fill dirt in the horse’s paddock. This is not an easy task so we decided to ask the boys for a little help, and help they did; it was kind of like when your four year old asks if they can “help” you around the house.

Like all willing and able children, the boys were a little intimidated at first; you know afraid they might get in trouble if they did something wrong, but by the time we were well into the project all of them were really working hard. I should tell the truth here; Dad did all the hard work, I just took the photos and the boys, oh those sweet and silly alpacas, they had one heck of a jolly good time.

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