Aunt Geri’s Techinicolor Shawl of Many Colors

Last Tuesday, February 26th was Aunt Geri’s birthday.  I(Mom) realized I had never hand knit her anything. Now there is a reason for this; I simply do not knit as well as she does. So…I said to myself, self, let’s think of something special to knit Geri.  I needed to knit her something that would remind her of me, something she would recognize as coming straight from my heart because my hands are well, average knitters at best.

happybirthday Shawl3

Voila, I gathered together all of my yarn remnants, some of the yarns she had actually hand-spun for us, and I made her a shawl on my rake loom. She can wear it while she knits at night. I didn’t put a fringe on it because I don’t want the fringe to get in her way while she’s knitting.


While Geri is wearing her shawl I know she will be thinking of all of us at Cliff House; Kirstin for the yarn she spun, Jared and Dad because of their endless hours caring for our alpacas and me because of the love I knit into every stitch.

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2 Responses to Aunt Geri’s Techinicolor Shawl of Many Colors

  1. aunt geri says:

    It is a beautiful reminder of all of the love that you knit into every stitich, Kirstin spun into it, and Jared and Dad nutured into it!! I cherish it and WILL think lovingly of all of you each time I see it. Thank you for the precious gift of yourselves. Always –

    Aunt Geri

  2. starproms says:

    Happy Birthday Auntie Geri. I love your new shawl!

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