New Design – “Sammy” Baby Hats

Aunt Geri here – OK, I’m still stuck in a rut making baby booties, and now hats too!  I blame it on “tax brain”.  I designed these little hats as a combination of a hat and scarf for babies and toddlers – who are tough to keep clothes on!  I also knit “bow-tie” adult scarves which have a key-hole pass through pocket for one end of the bow.  This design will work great for little ones, and you don’t have to tie them. They will stay snug.

Sammy Sammy Hats

I needed a model for these little hats. I interviewed a lot of babies for the job.  I finally found Sammy (the big baby in the pics) and later located her little buddy.  Not being a parent, I had no idea how difficult it would be to find a life-size baby doll – especially in Laramie, Wyoming!  Sammy seems to be a good employee (albeit under age).  She is extremely quiet and very cooperative in her demanding modeling career.  But, she DID insist on wearing the blaze orange “toasty toes” booties during one photo shoot!

Sammy and Bootie Sammy Booties

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3 Responses to New Design – “Sammy” Baby Hats

  1. starproms says:

    Hello Auntie Geri. I agree it’s very hard to find a life size baby doll. I knit dresses etc for babies but I don’t have the right size doll to show them on. What size is Sammy and where did you get him/her from? The hats are lovely as are the bootees.

  2. jerry says:

    We have had larger family around here for a couple weeks!

    Uncle Jerry,

  3. aunt geri says:

    Dear Starproms-
    We finally found Sammy at, of all places, Walmart. She seems to be pretty close to lifelike – at least her head is! I dont know if she would work for doll dresses – she has a pretty flimsy cloth body. Only her head, hands, and feet are actually rubber.

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