“Big Wheel Keep on Turning”

Then sometimes the wheel just falls off. Dad here with today’s blog post. Our compost pile is quite a ways from the house and barn. This means we have to use a dump wagon to haul the “goods” to the pile. This trip happens at least once a day and sometimes more, and in turn puts a lot of miles on the wagon. On Sunday’s second trip I lost my wheel. One minute it was there, the next it wasn’t. I walked back down the road and there it was.

Wobble in Wheel Made It Back

Turns out (pun intended) that the wobble in the wheel wore out the hub. Luckily I keep all of my worn out wheels and tires for one reason or another. I have another wheel with a good hub, but a bad tire. So I’m off this morning to Big’O Tires to swap the rims and we should be back in business.

Off it goes Blown Tire

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1 Response to “Big Wheel Keep on Turning”

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    I hate it when that happens!! Actually it might make you feel better to know that we had a flat tire on the flatbed trailer coming back from Walden – the really bad thing was that the trailer had 3 1/2 tons of hay on it at the time, and we had a spare tire that was the WRONG wheel for the trailer!

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