Why Yarn Blooms

Momma aka Jan here, I wanted to continue Aunt Geri’s blog post about spinning beads into yarn which she titled To Bead or not to Bead. The yarn Geri named Crystal Butte is from our own Marcello.


The beaded yarn turned out quite fuzzy and soft; mostly because the singles were so stale. I’m referring to them as stale because much of their twist was lost from sitting idle for so long while I searched for just the right beads to use and the proper yarn to string them on to.

To better understand this, think of fiber as always moving. We can cut it, stuff it, pick it, pull it, twist it-and the fiber is always trying to get back to its original form. This is why yarn “blooms” after we spin and wash it. I put very little twist in the ply since the singles had relaxed so much.

Finger Againyarn clump

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