After we Shear we Skirt

This shearing was Vannie’s first with our family at Cliff House, his behavior and his fleece were one of our best surprises of the day. When he arrived at our ranch he was wearing a modified lion’s cut, but at Cliff House it’s not about being pretty, it’s all about the fiber. Momma here, with just one more post about shearing day.

Vannie Vannies Fleece

Because we use a shearing table, and don’t shear off the floor, our blankets come off the alpaca in half sheets. The fleece is gathered up off the table and taken into our tack room where Kirstin does a first skirting. Anything not too dirty or too short is saved with the neck fiber (seconds) and will be used for rugs and felting.

Taking Fleece Fiber

Kirstin removes the edges of the blanket (skirt) because it contains stiff guard hairs and dirt. While she is doing this she also pulls out any second cuts from the fiber. Second cuts are small clumps of fiber left behind when the shearer makes a second pass over the alpaca’s body. My thanks to our shearing team who made shearing day 2013 a huge success. Please check our blog tomorrow for two videos from shearing day!

Final Fiber Thanks

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3 Responses to After we Shear we Skirt

  1. starproms says:

    Hard work by the looks of it, but rewarding? I love the family photograph at the end.

    • Aww, me too! It came out really cute. Scott and his son Connor, our shearers, are the two in the back on the far right.

      It is hard work, but the company is great. Except for a few of the alpacas. Most of them are pretty well behaved but Cici stands out as amazingly terrible.

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