Aunt Geri’s economy shipping method

In a galaxy far far away… Well, it feels like Aunt Geri lives in a galaxy far far away. Actually she lives in Jelm, Wyoming, which is far away from Castle Rock, Colorado where Cliff House Ranch is located. Cliff House Alpacas counts on her for knitted hats & scarves,  which are not knit on a loom; handspun yarn, felted baskets, felted wall hangings, felted hats, I’m sure I’m forgetting something here, let’s just say she does a lot for us.

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Now, because Geri lives in Wyoming and we live in Colorado we have the obvious problem of getting her hand made pretties to us from her. Today we’re sharing with you Aunt Geri’s new way of shipping things down to us economically.  Geri’s middle name is economy, she’s incredibly creative when it comes to saving money and her latest method is a case in point.

Three Adult Hats, One Baby Hat, One Pair Baby Booties and Two Adult Scarves

Three Adult Hats, One Baby Hat, Two Pairs of Baby Booties and Two Adult Scarves

How much can I say about a Ziploc bag with all of the air pumped out of it? It’s brilliant. When Geri first explained the system to me I immediately sent Gordon out to the grocery store to buy the pump so we could see how this was done.  Who knew?  Aunt Geri drives to Laramie and buys this incredibly inexpensive little pump, and a supply of super special Ziploc bags with a little hole in them where you insert the pump, and voila!  We can’t find these little buggers anywhere in Castle Rock. But that’s O.K. we’re not shipping things to her, she’s shipping things to us.

Let Me Out

Because Geri sucks all of the air out of the bags she is able to stuff more things into a small envelope or small box thereby saving postage: she’s not paying the United States Postal Service for shipping us that wonderful Wyoming air.

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2 Responses to Aunt Geri’s economy shipping method

  1. starproms says:

    I use these a lot too, only bigger ones. They’re great for storing blankets, comforters, clothes etc. Aunt Geri is very inventive isn’t she.

  2. geri says:

    Well…………HOW FUNNY! It does feel like a different galaxy (at least a parallel universe!). I have been clawing my way out of the “black hole” known as the IRS – where is Yoda when you need him most?!! OK, so I am wondering who your photojournalist is – the one that had to take pics at State Line? I guess I am a sucker for cool tools and this pump is great! Sucking the air out of bags comes somewhat naturally here – where the wind blows CONSISTENTLY and the air is thin at 8000 feet! Thanks for making my day:)

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