Halter training and weaning gallery

Before we could train or separate Tripoli, we had to catch him. Which is never easy with the rest of the herd getting in the way…

"Hey! What are you doing to him? Are you allowed to do that?"

A big bear hug is the usual way to catch an alpaca, in case you were wondering. My bro just takes it a little farther with the ear nibbling…

"Don't whisper sweet nothings in MY ear...this is still entirely undignified."

Then it was time for “training.” Dad used the fence as a barrier, and kind of herded Trip along, so that he’d get the idea that forward motion is the point of this whole exercise. Otherwise you just get a tug of war going.

"Wait now, what do you want me to do? I'm very uncomfortable with this situation."

After a few minutes of training, it was back to the paddock to explore his new surroundings. Which mostly consisted of staring at the girls through the fence.

"How did this happen? You are on the wrong side of the fence." "I don't know! It all happened so fast."

His mom Tulip was concerned, at first, about the whole situation. It only took her about a day to adjust to the idea though. After all, he’s only on the other side of the fence!

Tulip: "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you living with bachelors at your age." Trip: "I'm not comfortable with it at all!" Marcello, in the background: "Look at this fence here. I wonder how long it's been here."

About cliffhousealpacas

Once upon a time, my dad drove by some funny looking animals standing on little dirt hills in a field. Thus, the dream of an alpaca ranch was born. Now, we are embarking on a grand adventure of raising alpacas and becoming fiber artists.
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3 Responses to Halter training and weaning gallery

  1. Patty says:

    LOL! This post is hilarious! I love the pictures and the fact that ALL the other alpacas are incredibly interested in what is happening to Trip 🙂 Cute!

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