Generally, the yarn and I are one with each other. We can compromise between what I want it to become, and what it wants to become. But I’ve spun hundreds, probably thousands of yards of beaded yarn, and I can’t seem to get my most recent project to come out right.

It all started at a party. Perhaps not the best time to start a new project. Anyway. I spun my singles throughout the evening, and when I went to ply them the next morning I just could not get the yarn to be balanced. It was like the twist was inconsistent. Well, after 20 yards of frustration, I stomped off muttering acerbically under my breath, leaving poor Dad (who had been keeping me company) wondering what he’d done. And I haven’t picked up the yarn again yet.

I’m “letting the singles rest”. For the foreseeable future.

About cliffhousealpacas

Once upon a time, my dad drove by some funny looking animals standing on little dirt hills in a field. Thus, the dream of an alpaca ranch was born. Now, we are embarking on a grand adventure of raising alpacas and becoming fiber artists.
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1 Response to Frustration

  1. starproms says:

    Sympathies! What I have found (and I’m only a beginner of six months now) is that one day is better than another. For some odd reason I can sit down to spin one day and it all goes fine and the next day things go wrong. I can’t explain it. Perhaps it is tension in my arms or mind or maybe I have the roving upside down? What do you think? What I do know is that when I have a good spin, it leaves me feeling very calm and happy as if all is right with the world.

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