“Chimayo Dreams”

Hey – Aunt Geri here.  Upon returning from our awesome trip to Santa Fe, I felt the need to spin some pretty yarn.  I have never spun a “marled” yarn, but I  have always been impressed with Kirstin’s lovely marled creations.  This method of spinning uses 2 different fibers which are drafted together into one single ply.

My goal was to spice up some brown yarn – so, rummaging through my stash revealed the PERFECT fiber.  Lying in wait was a hand-dyed alpaca/silk blend roving that I could combine with Marcello!  I was inspired by the ambiance and warm, rustic colors of our hotel, Chimayo de Santa Fe – this fiber nails it!  Warm reds, rosey browns, copper, gold, with a touch of tan.  Although we didn’t make it to the Chimayo community this trip, the hotel displays weavings from numerous Chimayo artists in decorating the lobby and rooms.  This fiber reminds me of their artistry – I am pleased a portion of our room cost goes to the Chimayo Cultural Preservation Association to preserve this unique cultural heritage.


Combining or “marling” these 2 different fibers has proven to be interesting.  The silk portion has much longer fibers than the alpaca, so drafting is a bit of a challenge.  This spinning method requires much different management of the drafting zone – which is the space between your hands where the fibers are aligned and the twist is allowed to enter into the fiber.  The pictures show the fibers that are being drafted together as well as the yarn being formed.  I am excited to get 3 spools done so I can ply them together -the colors will melt together magically!

Roving Single Ply

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