Forever Yours-Forever Scarves

I have been seeing them everywhere these days. When I finally had the time to knit a scarf for myself I chose to make one of these. I designed my forever scarf to match one of my  dressy blouses, and the first time I wore it, much to my delight, I received several compliments.

 Fe1 FE3

A forever scarf has no end as it is stitched together in a circle. I used the last of our yarn from Archie, he’s a Suri, which Kirstin had spun. White crochet thread knit with Archie’s grey created a lovely contrast.


I knit the scarf on my green loom which is a fairly loose stitch for approximately 60 inches. I then whip stitched the two finished ends together. I like to think of the scarf as a long string of pearls that I wrap around my neck.

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