Noodle Heads

Hi – Aunt Geri here.   I really don’t know where these ideas come from!  We sell a lot of children’s hats so I am always thinking about new ideas.  Also, I am so easily bored – this idea came to me about half way through knitting a rolled brim kid’s hat.  Maybe I was thinking of Scythia’s yarn looking like spaghetti when it was wet?  So goes the “noodle heads” hats – which I am perfecting because I used two different techniques on these.

Noodle Heads

They are just plain fun and are made with a super bulky single-ply alpaca yarn.  This design has spawned a bunch of new ideas that I will also try – included but not limited to a mohican(mohawk)hat, a dragon hat, maybe a Denver Broncos horse mane hat…………..  We’ll keep you posted!

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