A little fiber and a few beads…

…make a wonderful fiber fashion statement! It’s Aunt Geri, and I’m designing and donning some more alpaca fiber jewelry.


Just like the jewelry I talked about on Monday; these are all knit with an alpaca and silk blend. The gold yarn has small seed beads plied into the yarn which glitter like raindrops. Knitters will recognize these necklaces and bracelets as “I cord” ++ then you add a few jewels and sew them up! They can be casual or little black dress.


Momma here with a note of appreciation to Aunt Geri for sharing her creative spirit with all of us. We are all, dear readers, the richer for it. ++ Cliff House Alpacas will again be participating in Littleton’s 85th annual Western Welcome Week. The Arts & Crafts festival this week-end begins at 8:30 a.m. and runs until 5:00 p.m. ++  one day only. We will be on the south side of Main Street, between Prince Street & Rio Grand in booth numbers 408 & 409.  See Ya there!

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