“Lupine Fields…….”

Aunt Geri here – check out this color combo on my latest Patty scarf!  This would go well with either the periwinkle or minty green Techno hats we just introduced.   The yarn selection was interesting – one three-ply and one boucle (bumpy) alpaca blend, with about 20% silk in each.  As the scarf progressed (which is painfully slow since you have to knit each row twice) I noticed that the silk dictates the feel and the drape of the fabric. It isn’t really that the blend is softer, it is just more flexible and has a silky memory.

Iceland Lupines Lupine Scarf

Now it is time to start making Christmas gifts!  Also, since I always multi-task, I am going to teach myself how to weave.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!



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