Got cold feet?

One sock, two socks, red socks and blue socks.  Only 5 days left to shop until Christmas! Don’t forget our barn store is open, and we’re here just about all of the time. This year we are selling alpaca socks and more alpaca socks. Our close friend Cindy, tells me, Momma, the socks just seem to sell themselves.


Our work socks are made in the USA from alpacas raised locally. They come in a boot sock and a crew sock.

Actually we gave Cindy alpaca socks last year for Christmas, and she loved them so much she gave them to her students and friends, and they loved them so much they gave them to their friends and family, you get the idea.


Our dress socks are made in Peru. We obtain them through a free trade organization headquartered in Denver.

We have two kinds of socks: work socks which have microbial silver knit into them for keeping sweaty, smelly feet warm and happy, and we have dress socks which are great for keeping your toes toasty and they’re mega soft.


The microbial silver knit into our work socks fights bacteria which causes athlete’s foot. Sweaty feet don’t smell bad, and your feet stay warm.

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1 Response to Got cold feet?

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    We just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE alpaca socks!!

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