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Yarn – Swirly tweed

If there is a yarn that captures that “classic alpaca yarn” look, this is it. It’s made by plying together one single that is two different colors (it’s called marling, see here for an explanation) and one single that is … Continue reading

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Spinning marathon

There’s nothing like 5 big bags full of deliciously fluffy roving (that’s unspun, processed fiber) to get a girl spinning again. I started slow, since it’s been almost over a month (!) since I have done any spinning. We have … Continue reading

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A few beginning knitting tips

I’ve talked before about the importance of crafting with friends, and I can’t say it enough: group knitting (or spinning) is the best way to get inspired to work on a project and have fun while you work. So when … Continue reading

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Sciatica, carpal tunnel, and crafters: a public service announcement

Most crafts (and jobs for that matter) involve some repetitive motion that can take a toll on your body over time. If you take nothing else away from this post, please remember this: if it hurts, stop doing it. Carpal … Continue reading

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