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Nekkid boys

Here’s one final set of before and after shearing shots. Morocco, Tuscany, and Merlin before shearing… And Merlin, Tuscany and Bravado after… Snicker. I think I’ve said about all there is to say about shearing day. I’ll follow up at some … Continue reading

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Like lambs to the…shearing

I love shearing day. It’s full of promise for a new year, an event that signals we’ve survived another winter, and frankly, it’s hilarious. Alpacas, who are never really dignified, look absolutely ridiculous after they’ve been sheared. And they’re quite silly … Continue reading

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Shearing day preparations

Shearing day is next Tuesday! It’s one of the most important days of the year for our ranch, and we prepare accordingly. Though this year may be a bit more hectic than usual since Mom and Dad won’t be getting back … Continue reading

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From start to finish: Step 1 – Shearing

This post is the first in our “From start to finish” series, in which I’ll take you through our 12 step program for fiber addicts. Actually, it’s more like 6 steps, but that’s not as catchy. These posts take a … Continue reading

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