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Yarn types: a spinner’s prospective

I’m going to admit a sort of dirty secret here. I used to crochet with Red Heart yarn. Maybe you don’t realize what a sin that is, so let me explain. For $4 you can buy 365 yards of their … Continue reading

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It is done.

Bonus points if you know what movie I’m referencing in the title, especially if you aren’t related to me. I’ve finally finished the yarn order I’ve been trying to fill for two months. This time, I used the correct color … Continue reading

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How to: Spin a beaded yarn

Good morning! Today, I thought I’d explain how I spin beaded yarns, since I tend to get a ton of questions about it. I guess some knitters add beads to their pieces after they are finished, using tiny crochet hooks. That … Continue reading

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Alpaca bio: Tuscany

Tuscany, as our first cria, holds a special place in all our hearts. Born to Tulip before we’d even brought the alpacas home to the ranch, Tuscany was adorable from the very start.

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Alpacas and their friends

“Wow, they’re just a bunch of spare parts, aren’t they?” It’s an oft repeated sentiment from first timers on the ranch. Alpacas are, undeniably, weird looking. But you should see their cousins! Alpacas belong to the camelid family, which includes, you … Continue reading

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The best laid plans

After an unseasonably warm early fall, we woke up on Saturday morning to 4 inches of snow and white out conditions. Beautiful…the only problem? Saturday was the Cliff House Ranch open house. Then the power went out. Dad, the eternal optimist … Continue reading

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Boogie is starving

Below is a picture of Tuscany, Morocco, and Merlin. Do you see the scene stealer? What else is he trying to steal? Here, this picture is even more obvious. Oh Boogie. If a way to a man’s heart is through his … Continue reading

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Brittany’s Story: 4 weeks later

Four weeks have passed since she Brittany tried carrots for the first time. We tracked her down to see if she made any progress with her addiction. We found Brittany begging for carrots from strangers. She’ll take a carrot from … Continue reading

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From start to finish: Part 4 – Washing

Washing. It sounds straightforward, right? Well it’s not. This step is one of the easiest to get wrong, and the penalty for messing up is turning all your fiber into a big felted knot, completely ruining it (it’s like putting … Continue reading

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Alpacas in sprinkler video

If you’ve ever wondered what alpacas look like when they’re playing in a sprinkler? No? Where is your curiosity? Well it’s a fairly tame sort of “playing” but it’s adorable.

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