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Recapping the Estes Park Wool Market

We’re ba-ack! Mom, Dad, Aunt Geri, Uncle Jerry and I spent the weekend communing with fiber denizens of all stripes. Alpacas, goats, paco-vicunas (a breed of alpaca), sheep and llamas were all represented. In addition to the displays by various ranches … Continue reading

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On low impact stock

Seven years ago, long before the alpaca ranch was even a twinkle in Dad’s eyes, I went to Ecuador. It was part of a travel class. We studied some aspect of Ecuadorian ecology for a quarter, and then spent about … Continue reading

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Alpacas and their friends

“Wow, they’re just a bunch of spare parts, aren’t they?” It’s an oft repeated sentiment from first timers on the ranch. Alpacas are, undeniably, weird looking. But you should see their cousins! Alpacas belong to the camelid family, which includes, you … Continue reading

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