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Sheep to shawl competition

One of our favorite events at the Estes Park wool market was the “Sheep to shawl” contest. Teams work together to card, spin and weave a shawl in one day. Although at some shows they actually start with the sheep … Continue reading

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Recapping the Estes Park Wool Market

We’re ba-ack! Mom, Dad, Aunt Geri, Uncle Jerry and I spent the weekend communing with fiber denizens of all stripes. Alpacas, goats, paco-vicunas (a breed of alpaca), sheep and llamas were all represented. In addition to the displays by various ranches … Continue reading

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Baa baa Brittany, have you any wool?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, one bag full! Wait. Alpacas don’t go “baa”. “Mmm Mmm Brittany, have you any wool?” just doesn’t have the same ring though. Mom and Dad sent over pictures of our roving this morning! We have five bags … Continue reading

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Spinning in the dirt

It’s a great visual right? When I tell people “I spin”, invariably, there’s a long pause. I can see the wheels in their heads turning. Most of my hippie bean eating friends (love you guys) have a visual of me … Continue reading

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