Andean Rib Hats

Aunt Geri here, I was thinking, “A rib by any other name……………..”

Ribbed stitches were originally created for clothing hems and cuffs to provide a tailored, snug fit that doesn’t curl on the edges and provides some “give”.  Using ribs in hats allows a broader range of fit – the bigger your head, the more stretch.

Rib stitch close-up

These hats unstretched appear to be made for gnomes – or anything with a skinny, pointed head!  The ribbing provides a custom fit.  Gnome or not, the 3-ply bulky alpaca yarn is super soft and super warm, with just a touch of wool to provide some “memory” or elasticity.

Hats in a row

This yarn is also the base yarn in some of our “Magic Scarves”, so the hats can accompany (or not!) the scarves.  The “pumpkin vine” top is made by just continuing to knit 3 to 5 stitches until it is long enough to tie a knot – I think it looks like a pig’s tail!  I am making some other colors of the Rib hat and will probably make some more of these basic but fun ribbed hats in other yarns too.

Three pig's tails

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2 Responses to Andean Rib Hats

  1. segmation says:

    I love your knitting colors! Do you think that Knitting Is More than an Art, It Is a Cause?

  2. geri says:

    We could use these in WY today! brrrrrrrrrrrrr..

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