Near the Mississippi with the Caribbean on my Mind

Surf’s up”

 Aunt Geri here.  A recent trip to Illinois provided a lot of rainy days (8 out of 10) and some fragmented knitting time for me.  With the great Mississippi river being close to flood level, it was only appropriate that I knit this aquamarine colored shape-shifter scarf.  It is an alpaca blend yarn in a gorgeous tonal blue that looks like a Caribbean tidal pool.

Shape Shifter


 I have had plans for this scarf ever since I spun the “Pyrites of the Caribbean” yarn almost a year ago!  It was one of my first wheel yarns and is still one of my favorites.  The classy color comes from black alpaca blended with a beautiful gold silk. About 18″ of each end is beaded with pyrite colored glass beads and the scarf is knit as a tube on a circular needle.


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3 Responses to Near the Mississippi with the Caribbean on my Mind

  1. starproms says:

    Very pretty indeed Auntie Geri. I love snoods.

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