What took us So Long, it Wasn’t that Hard

Sitting in our home office for the past six weeks were eight bags of skirted seconds. These seconds were destined for  Ingrid’s Hand-Woven Rugs in Paint Rock, Texas.

Ingrid's Hand-Woven Rugs Vanny

May be it was the fact  that we had to ship 36lbs. of fiber out of state using the United States Postal Service, or maybe it was the fact that we’ve never stuffed loads of hair into boxes we had to buy and then make-up. You know the trick is in getting all of the air out of the bags so that you only pay for the hair and not the air.

Boxes Stuffing

After two boxes, Gordon proclaimed the trick was to push the hair into the box, and not to squeeze the sack to get rid of the air. In the end, seven 1.3 cu. ft. boxes were needed to ship 36 lbs. of Alpaca seconds. So what was the big deal? No idea, we’re thinking in four months we should have some lovely Alpaca area rugs for sale. We’ll let you know.

Suffing 2 Ready To Go

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2 Responses to What took us So Long, it Wasn’t that Hard

  1. Aunt Geri says:

    Wow – what a task! Maybe the vacuum bags would help? It should be exciting to see the rugs.

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