They’re Here: Custom Alpaca Rugs!

We waited in anticipation just two months as Reinhardt, of Ingrid’s Custom Rugs, wove our alpaca’s fiber into beautiful area rugs for us. On Monday the boxes we sent full of skirted fiber returned to us as works of art for your floor. Aunt Geri and I, Momma, opened the cardboard enclosed fiber as though we were children in a candy store.

Rugs Rugs

Reinhardt returned to us 24 square feet of 100% alpaca fiber wrapped around a jute core which produced 2- 3 x 5 rugs, 11- 2 x 3 rugs and 2- 2 x 7 runners. Each rug has it’s own unique pattern; some are fringed the rest are banded. All of our rugs are hand loomed by Reinhardt and his employees in Paint Rock, Texas.

 Rugs Rugs

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3 Responses to They’re Here: Custom Alpaca Rugs!

  1. These are amazing! Wow, wow, wow! I especially like Mikayla’s fiber in the rugs; it looks almost blue.

  2. Kent Arnold says:

    WOW! My toes feel happy just looking at them!

  3. Aunt Geri says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these rugs! He did such a spectacular weave with our fiber – they are very special.

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