“From Dusk to Dawn”

Aunt Geri here.  These are just the most fun little scarves!  They form a bow by slipping one end of the petals through a keyhole slot on the other end.  Customers love them for family or friends that are always “chilly” or those who don’t want a scarf with long tails to bother with.  We think of them as fabric jewelry too.


 All of the yarns used are hand-dyed with colors ranging from dusk in the Blue Ridge Mountains, winter skies in North Dakota; to dawn in the canyons surrounding Sedona, Arizona.  The Dusk yarn is 100% alpaca created in the Atacama region of Chili by a mother/daughter company that supports sustainable jobs for local artisans.  Dakota is hand-dyed by a local Castle Rock alpaca ranch and is also 100% alpaca.  The Dawn yarn is a dreamy combo of Royal Baby grade alpaca and silk. Just pick your pleasure!


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