A little Give and Take

About this time last year, Aunt Geri, Uncle Jerry and I helped a family of Western Kingbirds, also known as flycatchers, by improving their nest design. A baby fell out of the hastily built nest on the fluorescent light fixture above the hay stall, and we duct taped a plastic food storage container next to the way too small nest.

King Birds Baby King Birds

With the baby’s life in jeopardy, Kirstin’s internet research showed Kingbirds will accept help from humans. They did accept what we had to give, and the baby became a healthy bug eater just like its parents. Visitors have asked us why we don’t have bugs in our barn, and I tell them our barn has birds who eat bugs.

Baby King Birds Baby King Birds

This year soon after shearing, the Kingbirds moved back in again. They improved on our design by adding a lovely north wall made of alpaca fiber. I was overjoyed to see the five babies climbing in and out of the plastic storage container. The family has incorporated it into their grand design; making their home this year a spacious duplex.

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2 Responses to A little Give and Take

  1. starproms says:

    Oh that is a wonderful story. I love it. How kind of you to help those birds. You have made my day. Great stuff.

  2. Aunt Geri says:

    How CUTE they are – I am so glad they returned to the barn and they are very enterprising engineers to incorporate some alpaca fiber into their condo structure!

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