Arena; check –

Last Saturday and Sunday were very busy days spent sprucing up the riding arena for our fundraising event we’re holding at Cliff House Ranch to help feed Colorado’s hungry horses, on September 7th. Cindy Jones, our natural horsemanship instructor will be doing demonstrations with our horses Heidi & Boogie, and we can’t forget the minis, Apollo & Daphne.

Rough Fence 2 Rough Fence 1

Dad & I, Momma, took some before and after photos just for the fun of it.  We must admit we didn’t the arena looked that bad. Well, there was that huge weed we had never gotten around to removing.

Painting Weeding

Dad’s reward for all of the scraping, rolling, painting and weed pulling; a ride on the tractor to grade the arena. Dad says, “It’s always more fun when you get to use the tractor!”


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  1. Aunt Geri says:

    Looks GREAT!! What a big job

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