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Finished craft corner!

Remember this? This was my craft room for months, right after I moved into my new place. I actually spun sitting right in the middle of that mess, though it wasn’t exactly conducive to the creative process. When you spend … Continue reading

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Craft room, mill update

Our fiber is back from the mill! Yay! As Mom pointed out, it’s time to break out the spinning wheel. Now I know I left it around here somewhere… Ah! There it is. Now I only need to figure out … Continue reading

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Crafting zone?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a space usable, probably because I’m hoping to have space of my very own soon and I want to include a crafting room. Right now, my craft “zone” is functional, but kind … Continue reading

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Excuses are like armpits…

…everyone has two of them and they both stink. Somedays, I sit down to write a blog post and I can think of at least three different topics. I should write those ideas down, since there are other days where I can’t … Continue reading

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