Marsy is adorable

Marsy holds her own with Trip these days; she doesn’t let him get away with anything. She’s a cutie, but I love his little black nose.

Marsy gives Trip plenty of trouble; she's a diva.

Trip still doesn’t like water, but Marsy is being a brave girl about it.

What is that thing? Why does everyone like it so much?

Dad is so cute with his ‘pacas.

Being a baby alpaca is, indeed, exhausting.

Mom says it’s like they run out of energy, and then they just plop down. It’s probably a baby thing; I doubt it is species-dependent 🙂 .

About cliffhousealpacas

Once upon a time, my dad drove by some funny looking animals standing on little dirt hills in a field. Thus, the dream of an alpaca ranch was born. Now, we are embarking on a grand adventure of raising alpacas and becoming fiber artists.
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4 Responses to Marsy is adorable

  1. i absolutely love crias….especially the noise they make when they are trying to communicate with you…beautiful creatures…

    • It is totally the noises that were the surprise for us. Little Tripoli has a siren call that puts all the other alpacas to shame! And when I weighed Marsy, and she did that shudering little “Hehh” sound. So adorable.

  2. I love the way Marsy is all majestic in her plop actually cushing vs Trip who is just sprawled out. She’s definitely got some of her mama’s diva/regality in her.

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