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“On the Road Again…”

Hi – Aunt Geri here.  As we mentioned last week, Cliff House is making scarves and hats for a friend who has provided fiber from several of his alpacas.  I have completed these hats (and an additional one that didn’t … Continue reading

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Three down, Three to go…

After reading about Kirstin’s salsa adventures thanks in part to our “Alpaca Gold” manure; we’re taking you back to “The Ranch” today.  FYI my daughter’s tomatilla salsa is dynamite! Our family has a male friend who raises alpacas, and he … Continue reading

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A herd of 8…………..

Look how cute!  Aunt Geri here with a new herd of 8 alpacas – scarf pins they are and they come in several fun colors.  Like the real alpacas, they are all just a little different and each has its own character.  The … Continue reading

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After we Shear we Skirt

This shearing was Vannie’s first with our family at Cliff House, his behavior and his fleece were one of our best surprises of the day. When he arrived at our ranch he was wearing a modified lion’s cut, but at … Continue reading

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Only a Nose Knows

Momma and Dad here, with a note about noses. Our Tuscany aka Tuscaninny, has an immune system that’s not quite right. Because of this, he has been unable to get rid of a runny nose. Dr. Balch gave us a … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Hay

As we near the end of winter, what we’ve been feeding the Alpacas is about to be put to the test. Shearing day is May 15, and the quality of our nutrition will easily be seen. With all of their … Continue reading

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A Walk In The Fog

Daddy and I, Momma, walked out to the newspaper box this morning, and we thought everyone might enjoy seeing what Cliff House Ranch and our babes look like on a foggy, wet, dreamy morning. Colorado doesn’t see these kind of … Continue reading

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Follow this Alpaca: Scythia

We moved from Denver to Wyoming almost 3 years ago.  One day I called Gordon to see how their move to the ranch was going.  “We have alpacas…” he said, as my brain scanned for “alpaca” – was it a … Continue reading

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The great break IN

Breaking out, breaking in…it’s a po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to sort of thing to alpacas. As long as they are getting somewhere they are not supposed to be, they are happy. A few days ago, Mom found most of the girls in this … Continue reading

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That dreaded word: shots

Duhn duhn duhn! Guess who needed a checkup? Well, everyone needed a checkup; it’s Farm Check! time. But Vanny really needed to get his teeth and nails trimmed. Cici also got the full spa treatment. Bravado and Merlin got their … Continue reading

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